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About OTC Flow

At OTC Flow, we recognize the critical need to address environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development. As an environmental commodity intermediary, we operate within a complex and evolving market, aiming to provide liquidity, expertise and dynamism to the exchange of environmental commodities while promoting the intrinsic need for more responsible trading practices.

Environmental Impact

Emission Reduction

By enabling the trading of environmental commodities such as voluntary carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, biofuels, PPAs and EECs, we facilitate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote the adoption of cleaner energy sources.

Resource Conservation

Through our activities, we support the conservation of natural resources by incentivizing responsible and efficient consumption practices. By creating a marketplace for resource credits and offsets, we encourage sustainable management of forests, land, and water, safeguarding ecosystems and biodiversity.

Energy Innovation

As mitigating the issues of tomorrow requires innovating today, we foster research and development in energy production and consumption with our trading partners. Hence, we promote and contribute to greater liquidity in the biomethane, hydrogen and green electricity markets.

Economic Impact

Market Efficiency

By facilitating efficient allocation of environmental resources and fostering transparency and accessibility, we promote market stability and enhance the overall effectiveness of environmental initiatives.

Economic Growth

By incentivizing sustainable practices, we stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in industries that prioritize environmental stewardship, fostering the development of a green economy.

Job Creation

By creating a skilled workforce in the environmental commodities trading sector, we contribute to local and global job markets, supporting livelihoods and economic well-being.

Social Impact

Education and Awareness

We are committed to raising awareness and promoting education about environmental issues and the role of environmental commodities. Through partnerships, public outreach initiatives, and educational programs, we strive to empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and take action.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We actively engage with stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, and industry leaders, to foster collaboration and drive collective action. By working together, we aim to develop innovative solutions, address regulatory gaps, and establish best practices that promote responsible exchanges.

Equity and Inclusion

We advocate for equitable and inclusive practices in the environmental commodity sector. By promoting diversity, equal opportunities, and fair access to environmental resources, we contribute to social justice and strive for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

What Products Do We trade?

If you’re interested in a detailed overview of the products that we trade, please take a look at this page. Among these products are:

  • Energy Attribute Certificates
  • Power & Gas Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates
  • Green Certificates
  • Biofuels & Feedstocks
  • Carbon Credits

Otc flow

Join Our Team and Make a Difference

At OTC Flow, we are a dynamic and innovative company at the forefront of environmental markets, offering exciting opportunities for talented individuals to contribute to our mission.


Our flat structure and meritocratic approach enables you to really grow and gain maximum exposure across the business. As we are a fast-growing company, we aim to progress with you.


We strive to be the best in what we do. That requires to think outside of the box, to work hard, and to be determined. Be part of our team full of ambitious people from all over the world.


We believe that people with the same goals and values empower each other. From monthly drinks to trips to Ibiza, we organize different team activities to foster collaboration and engagement.


We celebrate diversity as a driving force behind our success. We embrace the power of different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to foster a vibrant and inclusive workplace.

Do you have an affinity with the commodities markets and aspire to have a direct impact in one of the leading companies in environmental markets early in your career? Would you like to work in an international, dynamic and fast-paced environment? Join our team at OTC Flow!



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