Optiver 80 in 8 Math Test


This tool helps you practice for the Optiver 80 in 8 Math Test with the Trading Interview platform. This well-known and challenging part of Optiver's selection process requires careful preparation, and our tool is designed to help you navigate it with confidence.

The training tool accurately mirrors the Optiver 80 in 8 Math Test's format and scoring mechanism. You gain +1 point for each correct answer and lose 1 point for each incorrect one, providing an authentic practice experience. Importantly, you need to score at least 56 points to pass the test. If you aren't quick enough to answer all the questions, don't worry - unanswered questions won't impact your score. For instance, if you finish the test at question 72 with 5 mistakes, your total score will be: 67 (correct answers) – 5 (incorrect answers) = 62 points.

The free version of the Optiver 80 in 8 Math Test training tool provides a fixed set of 80 questions, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the test's structure and question types. For a more comprehensive preparation experience, consider our subscription-based version. It grants you access to an infinite number of randomly generated tests, reflecting the diversity of scenarios you might encounter in the actual test. It offers detailed insights into your performance, including time taken per question - vital for improving mental arithmetic speed. Additionally, the tracking feature records your scores over time, providing a clear trajectory of your progress and readiness for the actual Optiver 80 in 8 Math Test.

This platform gives you an edge in your Optiver interview preparation, simulating the real test environment and helping you understand what to expect in the actual 80 in 8 Math Test.

If you want to find out more about Optiver's application process, please have a look at our company preparations course.

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