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The preparation process for trading interviews can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to tackling the sequences test. It’s hard to find proper preparation material that matches the level of difficulty of real trading interviews. But don’t worry, we got your back!

Once you’ve successfully passed the mental arithmetic tests, sequence questions often form the second stage. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, thorough preparation and consistent practice are crucial. With time and dedication, you’ll quickly recognize various types of sequences, enhancing your overall problem-solving skills and increasing your chances of acing the interview.

By incorporating the tips and tricks in this course into your preparation, you’ll become more skilled at recognizing and solving various types of sequence problems, which will result in boosting your problem-solving skills and your confidence.

We offer exercises from different difficulty levels. After each test, you can review your answers and find the explanation per question. We also offer company specific tests, such as:

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We also offer a training tool that mimics the Optiver NumberLogic test very accurately. Sign up today and start exercising!

Optiver Sequences - NumberLogic test

Optiver sequence test