Efficient ways to train brain teasers for job interviews

Brain teasers are a part of almost every quantitative job interview process. Interviewers ask brain teaser questions to test the candidate’s ability to think logically and creatively, as well as dealing with a difficult situation under pressure. Candidates not only need to think “out-of-the-box”, but also deliver the answer in a calm and constructive manner.

How to prepare for brain teasers

How do you prepare for brain teasers on a job interview? It takes some time to find good brain teaser questions with answers. You can spend a lot of time on different platforms to data mine the discussions on new brain teaser interview questions and answers. Next, you need to create a setting to simulate the interview environment. For example, solving it calmly behind your laptop is not the same as when the interviewer is putting pressure on you to solve the riddle as quick as possible.

Ask someone for help

You could ask someone to randomly pick a brain teaser and to play the role of the interviewer. This person could give you hints when you need them, just like the interviewer would in a real interview setting. You could also let the person who helps you be creative to find ways to put you under pressure.

Use a clock

Put a time for yourself to solve a brain teaser. It’s not important that you come up with an optimal amount of time per question, but it’s rather important that you exercise to perform well under pressure.

Brain teasers on tradinginterview.com

Tradinginterview.com is the best place to exercise for (probability) brain teaser questions for trading interviews (and also for other technical- and strategic consultant interviews). We offer both logical questions and probability brain teaser interview questions. All questions are accessible through a quiz form, coloured by category. The questions have a hint function, such that you can simulate an interview situation in case you can’t come up with the correct answer right away. For examples, click here.

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