What does the general set-up of a trading interview look like?

There are two types of applying students: the ones that are fully prepared and know what is coming, and the ones that don’t. If you are a student from the second category, you are not alone. A lot of applicants just apply and see what will overcome them. In this blog, we will give you a general overview of how most trading interviews are organised.

Stage 1 – The first round usually contains some type of a barrier test. This is where most students are filtered for the rest of the interview process. You may think about a mental arithmetic test, sequences test, or another form of test. Some companies already start with an online test with brain teasers and probability questions. However, most companies start with a test that involves mental arithmetic and sequences. Don’t underestimate these test: you have to be fast. You can use our free mental arithmetic course to prepare yourself.

Stage 2 – The second round is most often the the part in which your cultural fit is tested. The recruiter may give you a call or invite you on coffee, in which your cultural fit will be assessed. This is the part which you can prepare the least. Your general interest in the industry will also be assessed.

Stage 3 – The third round is often the technical interview round, in which you will be tested by one or more traders. They will put the heat on and see how you react under pressure. Therefore, it is really important that you know what you are talking about. If you have a limited knowledge about a topic, you will most likely crack under the pressure. The most common topics are brain teasers, probability, derivatives and market making. These topics can be prepared best with our full package.

Stage 4 – Time to put everything together. The fourth round is often the last round, which generally takes place at the office. You will meet a lot of people. Traders, HR, management – all of them will test and assess you during the day. Most important: have a good night sleep. Be yourself and repeat the stuff that you already studied. Be prepared and keep your head up: you made it till the last round, so you have it in you to ace the last round!