Practice Mental Arithmetic for Trading Interviews

In the high-speed world of trading, quick thinking and decision-making are essential skills for success. Despite the industry’s transformation into a more algorithmic environment, human traders remain a vital part of the trading process. As such, mental arithmetic is an important skill for traders to master. In today’s highly competitive trading industry, firms are constantly seeking individuals who stand out.

During the hiring process, the ability to perform mental arithmetic is often put to the test. Many trading firms include a mental arithmetic test as part of their initial round of interviews. This is because traders need to be able to make quick calculations and decisions under pressure, often with limited time to analyze market data.

Fortunately, mental arithmetic is a skill that can be improved through practice. At, we provide a suite of tools designed to help you improve your mental arithmetic skills.

Company-Specific Tests

Our company-specific tests are designed to help you excel in mental arithmetic tests used by specific companies. Experience training with identical types of questions and the same scoring system used by the companies of your choice. We currently offer company-specific mental arithmetic tests for

Customizable Mental Arithmetic Test

Our unique feature allows you to tailor your learning process. You can select the arithmetic operators, determine the range of numbers, decide the percentage of decimal included questions, and even set the test’s duration. Once the test is done, if you’ve signed up for one of our packages, you’ll have access to detailed statistics. This data will provide valuable insights into your performance, tracking your progress, and identifying areas for improvement. Click here to find more information about the tool.

Mental arithmetic for trading interviews

Preset Arithmetic Levels

This course provides three preset levels. The best way to start exercising is by training on round numbers, like 81/9 = 9.

  • Our platform provides you the Easy-mode on the mental arithmetic questions, which only contain round numbers. Try to keep the duration of the tests at a maximum. This way, you can train to keep your focus over a longer period of time.
  • The next step is to train with fractions/ non-round numbers. Trading Interview provides you the Medium-mode on the mental arithmetic questions, which contains non-round numbers.
  • The last step is to exercise with fractions and ‘filling the gaps’, which is the Hard-mode on this website.

If you’ve signed up for one of our packages, you’ll have access to statistics that show your progress over time. Click here to see what we’ve set as a benchmark for these quizzes.

Linear Diophantine Equations with Constraints

Linear Diophantine Equations with Constraints are a type of mathematical problem where you are given a set of linear equations with integer coefficients, and you are asked to find unique integer solutions that satisfy the linear equations. These puzzles challenge your ability to analyze patterns, solve equations, and manage constraints simultaneously. Some companies will challenge you with this type of questions, so it’s good to already familiarise yourself with the questions in our quiz.

Personal Statistics

To provide you with a comprehensive view of your progress and performance, offers detailed statistics as part of our package offerings. These insights enable you to pinpoint your strengths and identify areas that require more practice, aiding in your development as a proficient trader.

Our tools are designed to cater to your unique learning needs. Start practicing today and be prepared for your upcoming trading interview!

Flow traders math test
Flow Traders Math Test
Example mental arithmetic statistics
Preset Mental Arithmetic Statistic