‘Monkey sees – monkey does’, or is there more?

What is the purpose of a platform like ours? It’s actually pretty simple. Look around you. How often did you hear from friends that they did not have enough time to prepare for an interview? How often did you hear from friends that they did not have an idea about how the job interviews would look like?

Students want to have equal opportunities when they apply for a job, companies want to have the best possible process to filter down to their dream candidate. However, it differs a lot from student to student how much they know – in this case – about the trading industry. Some students apply alongside working on their graduation project or exams, “let’s see how these interviews look like”. If you (1) don’t know about how competitive the interview processes are, (2) don’t know that you often only have one opportunity to apply and (3) don’t know that a lot of aspects can be prepared for before the interviews, then the applicant will most probably already fail during the first round.

Does this say anything about the potential of the student? No. Both the student and the company could possibly miss out on a great match. It makes all the difference whether the applicant prepared properly or not. Our platform is here to help the student during his or her application process. Time should not be a reason anymore to fail. Neither should it be the case that your competitor knew how to prepare, and you didn’t. We aim to provide all candidates with an equal opportunity to be fully prepared, which should help both the student and the company. A company does also not want to put time in an unprepared candidate, but neither miss out on a great potential.

Any suggestions for future improvements are welcome – we continuously strive to provide the best!