8 Important cities, proprietary trading firms per city

Proprietary trading firms generally play a totally different game compared to the investment banks. It’s like comparing basketbal to hockey, lasagna to hamburgers or China to America. The banking capitals are also not the exact same cities as the main cities for proprietary trading firms. Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo – just three cities that are house to large banks. However, these cities are not known for being important cities to proprietary trading firms. So, what are the important cities for proprietary trading firms?

Overview of important cities for trading firms

We have an overview of top trading firms per city for you! The main cities that are house to proprietary trading firms in the following four continents.

Trading firms in North America

The main cities in North America for trading firms are Chicago and New York. Chicago is often considered to be the derivatives capital of the world. New York is big in banking, but it’s also house to various trading firms. Austin is an upcoming tech hub that starts to welcome more and more trading firms as well.

Trading firms in Europe

The main cities in Europe for trading firms are Amsterdam and London. The trading hours in Europe are also the longest compared to all other continents.

Trading firms in Asia

The main cities in Asia for trading firms are Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

Trading firms in Australia

Sydney is the main city for trading firms in Australia. Some firms are also in Melbourne, but the industry leading firms have their office in Sydney.

Trading firms per city
Important cities for proprietary trading firms.

Of course, there are other cities that are house to proprietary trading firms. A list of prop trading firms/ quant trading firms per city can be found here. Did we miss any firm? Let us know in the comments!