Example Quiz – Easy Sequences


Welcome to our Easy Sequences training tool. After applying to trading firms, you often face a sequences test. These tests are considerably harder than this Easy-mode, but this tool will help you initiate your preparations. Ensure you can complete the easy sequences flawlessly before advancing to medium and hard levels.

The goal of the test is to achieve the highest score possible. The scoring mechanism is as follows:

  • 1 point for each good answer
  • -1 point for each wrong answer
  • 0 points if skipped
Answers will be presented in multiple-choice format. You have the option to skip any question, and doing so will not result in point deductions. Each correct answer earns you one point, while each incorrect answer deducts one point. Guessing is discouraged, as it can adversely affect your final score. You aren't obliged to answer every question, allowing for some to be skipped. For instance, if you answer 24 out of 26 questions, with 20 being correct, your score would be 20 - 4 = 16.

During Sequences tests at trading firms, the use of calculators is prohibited. Thus, we advise you to practice without one. Even if you take the test online, there's a possibility that they might ask you to retake it at the office during a subsequent interview stage. Although you can't use calculators, pen and paper are allowed in the actual tests. We recommend using them since some questions can be challenging without jotting down notes.

Press the button below to start a 25-minute test (or a 12.5-minute variant) consisting of either 26 or 13 questions, respectively.
Example Test Statistics

Below you find an example with dummy data of what your quiz statistics would look like. Sign up to track your own scores!