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The Flow Traders Math Test

Are you preparing for the trading interviews at Flow Traders? Are you anxious about the Flow Traders math test that’s part of the selection process? Worry no more! We have developed a training tool to help you prepare for Flow Traders’ first round math test. This blog post will introduce our training tool, which is designed to resemble the actual Flow Traders math test.

Weโ€™ve mirrored the real-world test, from the question types to the scoring system, enabling you to experience and exercise the test before you take on the real test. Our mission? To help you realize your full potential and identify areas that need improvement, thereby maximizing your chances of acing the test.

About Our Flow Traders Math Test Practice Tool

Our training tool comprises a 10-minute test that features 75 mental arithmetic questions. The question styles and scoring system are identical to the Flow Traders’ original test, providing an authentic simulation of the real exam environment. This helps you improve your performance for the real test like no other tool in the market.

One key feature of our tool is the ability to track your scores and monitor your progress over time. As you take more practice tests, you’ll gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses, and clearly identify the areas that require further improvement. This feedback loop helps you make strategic, data-driven decisions about your preparation, maximizing your learning efficiency.

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Although we are an independent platform, we strive to provide an accurate replication of different company specific mental arithmetic tests. Knowing how the test will look like doesn’t give you an unfair advantage, it just gives you a better indication of how far you are in your preparation process. It’s like providing an athlete with a running track (our training tool). Knowing how the running track looks like doesn’t make you a champion on the 100 meters sprint.

To pass the Flow Traders math test, you need to score at least 70% of the available points.

What Makes Our Training Tool Unique?

Unlike generic math prep tools, our platform is tailored to the exact structure and style of the Flow Traders math test. Our tool provides comprehensive insights into your progress per attempt for each of the three parts of the test. This allows candidates to self-identify the areas they need to improve, targeting their preparation efforts more effectively.

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By engaging with this targeted tool, you’ll become familiar with the test’s format, understand the speed required, and gain proficiency in tackling its unique question types. You can monitor your own progress and adjust your study strategies accordingly, ensuring continuous improvement and growth. This tailored feedback, combined with the authentic test simulation, makes our training tool all you need to prepare for the Flow Traders math test.

Improvement Plan

After exercising with our Flow Traders math test preparation tool, you can create an improvement plan based on the feedback that you got from the tool. Which type of questions do you struggle with? You can create your own test, full with questions of the category you struggle with, in our custom math tool.

You have the liberty to define the parameters of your test, focusing on the areas you wish to improve. You can select the arithmetic operators, determine the range of numbers, decide the percentage of decimal included questions, and even set the test’s duration. Whether you want to tackle addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions, you can customize it all here. Once the test is done, if you’ve signed up for one of ourย packages, you’ll have access to detailed statistics. This data will provide valuable insights into your performance, tracking your progress, and identifying areas for improvement. Dive in, and take your trading skills to the next level!