Optiver online assessment

The Optiver 80 in 8 Test

The trading world offers numerous opportunities, but it often comes with an intense selection process. One firm known for its challenging interview process is Optiver. The first round involves the Optiver Math Test, also known as the ‘Optiver 80 in 8’ test.

Understanding the Optiver 80 in 8 Test

The Optiver 80 in 8 Test is the first step in Optiver’s interview process for aspiring traders. It requires candidates to answer 80 questions in 8 minutes. While earning a point for each correct answer, you’ll lose 1 points for every incorrect one. To pass, you need to score at least 56 points. The format encourages not just accuracy but thoughtful decision-making, as the penalty for incorrect answers can dramatically affect your score. If you were not quick enough to make the last x questions, you don’t lose points for these questions. For example: You just finished the test and you’ve reached question 72. You made 5 mistakes, so 67 were correct. Your total score will be: 67 – 5 = 62 points.

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Optiver 80 in 8 Test Practice

To ace the Optiver 80 in 8 Test, diligent practice and preparation are critical. The Trading Interview platform provides an ideal solution. This platform has developed a game specifically designed to simulate the experience of the Optiver 80 in 8 Test.

A free version of the game allows candidates to get a feel for the test format by working on the same set of 80 questions. However, for those who wish to fully arm themselves, signing up for a subscription is advisable. With this, you’ll have access to an infinite number of randomly generated tests, mirroring the Optiver 80 in 8 Test’s variety and challenge. Moreover, the platform includes a progress tracking feature. This tool allows you to monitor your improvements over time and evaluate your readiness for the actual Optiver 80 in 8 Test.

Once you’ve completed a test, the Trading Interview platform provides a detailed results analysis. This gives you valuable insights into your performance, highlighting which types of questions you’ve mastered and where you may need additional practice. In the illustrative screenshot below, you’ll notice that each question is timed. This feature helps you understand and manage your pacing throughout the test. Furthermore, you can review all possible answer choices, along with your selected response, promoting a deeper understanding of your decision-making process during the test.

Optiver 80 in 8 math test

If your results reveal a consistent struggle with a particular type of question, take advantage of our customized training tool designed to target specific question categories. In the provided screenshot, for instance, the greatest difficulty appears to be with fractions. By using our customized training tool, you can zero in on this area, enabling you to practice fraction questions to your heart’s content. This targeted approach allows for focused improvement where it’s most needed, optimising your performance for future tests.

As you refine your skills and steadily improve your performance, the Trading Interview platform offers a robust tracking system to monitor your progress. With a user account, all your scores are securely stored, enabling you to track your improvement over time. This feature allows you to see the tangible results of your dedicated practice and adapt your study strategy as needed. Please refer to the screenshot below for an illustrative example of our user-friendly progress tracking feature.

Progress tracking optiver math test.

Broad Applicability: A Tool for All Trading Interviews

While the Trading Interview platform is designed with the Optiver interview process in mind, its utility extends beyond just this specific test. The ’80 in 8′ challenge simulates the high-pressure decision-making environment common in many trading interviews. Thus, practicing with this tool can also provide substantial benefits if you’re preparing for a different trading interview.

Different firms may have varied formats and sets of interview questions, but the underlying skills tested โ€“ rapid numerical reasoning, quick decision making, and mental agility โ€“ are generally the same. By offering an infinite number of randomly generated tests, the Trading Interview platform allows you to hone these skills, preparing you not just for the Optiver interview process, but for any trading interview you may face.