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In today’s fast-changing trading world, being well-prepared is key. Trading Interview offers a platform for those aspiring to start a professional career in trading. Our platform includes a variety of courses, interactive tools, and personalized services. It also provides a way to directly engage with potential employers. With Trading Interview, you get the knowledge and tools you need to start and progress in your trading career.

Our Courses

In the high-paced world of trading, mental arithmetic is an important skill. Our Mental Arithmetic Course is designed to tackle the mathematical challenges often presented in the first round of trading interviews, where you’re often presented with a typical trader math test.

This course provides a broad array of tools, from company-specific tests to customised exercises that target your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking to improve your abilities with fractions, division, or another arithmetic area, our platform provides a focused and efficient training experience.

Each exercise is designed to simulate the real-world scenarios you’ll face in an interview. Additionally, our course offers a comprehensive analytics section, where you can access detailed reports on your performance. This feature enables you to track your progress over time, identify areas for improvement, and measure the effectiveness of your study strategy.

If you’re looking for specific company tests, we have them as well! Take a look at our Optiver 80 in 8 math test and our Flow Traders math test:

    Mental arithmetic trading interview

    The Sequence Course is a dedicated program designed to help candidates tackle sequence problems, a common component in the first round of trading interviews. This course offers multi-level sequence problems that range from basic to complex, catering to different competency levels.

    Through rigorous training and systematic exposure to a variety of sequence problems, this course aims to enhance your analytical skills and your ability to recognize patterns quickly. As you progress through the course, you’ll notice an improvement in your ability to solve sequences more accurately and efficiently, thereby increasing your confidence for the actual interview.

    Also, each sequence problem is accompanied by a detailed solution and explanation, ensuring you understand the underlying logic and methodology. This blend of practice and theory makes our Sequence Course a vital tool in preparing for trading interviews.

    Check out the examples:

      Furthermore, we also have the Optiver NumberLogic test, which is the Optiver sequences test:

        Optiver numberlogic test

        One of the many challenges aspiring traders face during interviews is the notorious ‘make me a market’ scenario. This live market simulation requires you to think on your feet, make rapid decisions, and above all, demonstrate your understanding of market dynamics. This might be challenging, especially without practical experience.

        That’s where Trading Interview’s unique Market Making Games come into play. Designed to mimic real-life trading interview scenarios, these games serve as an interactive, engaging, and highly effective tool to prepare for ‘make me a market’ interview questions. The games offer a wide variety of simulated scenarios, each carefully crafted to reflect possible situations that can occur during interviews and in actual trading roles.

        This is not the only market making game we offer. We offer different types of market making games:

        • Make me a market, based on facts and guesstimates. Click here for an example.
        • Expected value games based on cards and dice.
        • Group game based on cards, simulating an interactive market. Click here to read more.

        Our games are not only about practice – they are also about reflection and improvement. Each game offers instant feedback and analysis of your performance, highlighting both your successful strategies and areas for improvement.

        In essence, our Market Making Games are more than just games – they’re a powerful, innovative learning tool that gives you a competitive edge. They transform the challenging task of preparing for ‘make me a market’ scenarios into an engaging and effective learning process. By using our games, you’ll walk into your trading interviews with confidence, ready to impress with your market-making skills.

        Our Brain Teasers Course offers a unique approach to your interview preparation by engaging you in thought-provoking questions and problems. Trading interviews often include brainteasers as a way to gauge your problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking.

        Our course features a wide array of brain teasers, each classified into different categories, allowing you to focus on specific types of problems. Each brainteaser also comes with hints, closely mirroring the structure of real interview situations where the interviewer might provide clues if you get stuck.

        Beyond just answers, we provide detailed solutions and explanations, offering valuable insights into different problem-solving strategies. With continuous practice, you’ll develop a stronger ability to think outside the box, a crucial skill for successful trading interviews. You can also try out some examples.

        Brain teasers trading interview



        In the world of trading, a solid understanding of probability and statistics is fundamental. To master the art and science of trading, traders need to quantify risk, predict outcomes, and make data-driven decisions, all of which require an in-depth understanding of these two subjects.

        Trading Interview’s Probability and Statistics Course is carefully crafted to meet this need. It provides a comprehensive review of the most important topics in probability and statistics, making it an excellent resource for those looking to refresh their knowledge or fill gaps in these areas.

        The course starts from basic principles such as probability distributions, hypothesis testing, and statistical inference. It then progresses to more complex concepts like regression analysis, correlation, and Bayesian statistics. The curriculum is tailored with a focus on their applications in trading, enabling candidates to understand the real-world implications of these concepts.

        In addition to the theoretical lessons, the course includes a dedicated quiz section filled with interview-level questions. These questions are not just designed to test your understanding but also to provide an extension on the brainteasers section. The blend of theory and practical exercises creates a well-rounded learning experience, ensuring that you have a firm grasp of probability and statistics and can apply these principles during your interviews and future trading roles.

        Overall, the Probability and Statistics Course is an invaluable tool in your preparation for trading interviews. It equips you with the statistical acumen needed in the industry, gives you practice with potential interview questions, and sets you up for success in your trading career.

        As financial markets grow increasingly complex, a sound understanding of derivatives is essential for any aspiring trader. Our Derivatives Theory Course is tailored specifically to meet this need, especially for candidates coming from a technical background.

        The course starts with a detailed introduction to the basic principles of derivatives, gradually leading you into the deeper aspects of the theory and mathematics behind the derivatives industry. A special emphasis is placed on options, ETFs, and fixed income products, which are fundamental elements in today’s trading environment.

        Accompanying the theoretical material, the course provides a comprehensive quiz section featuring interview-like questions. This integration of learning and testing fosters a deeper understanding of the concepts, preparing you to answer derivatives-related questions confidently in your interviews.

        With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the digital assets industry has emerged as a prominent component of the global financial market. As such, our Digital Assets Course is designed for candidates who wish to enter this dynamic field.

        The last couple of years, trading firms also started to engage in the market of digital markets. This is why they started to hire digital assets traders. Are you interested in a role as digital asset trader? Be prepared and stay up to date with the state of the art technologies. The information in this course is all focussed on the theory behind the different technologies, that are also publicly available all over the internet. The advantage of following this course: you don’t have to spend time to find all the relevant information. We put all the relevant information for you together. Here are some examples:

          In the era of algorithmic trading and machine learning, programming has become a vital skill for traders. Our Programming Course is tailored to help candidates brush up their coding skills and deepen their understanding of relevant machine learning topics.

          The course begins with a thorough recap of essential programming principles and best practices for clean coding. We focus on popular languages commonly used in the industry, offering a hands-on approach that helps you gain practical experience.

          In the machine learning section, you’ll be introduced to key concepts, algorithms, and applications relevant to the trading industry. This includes topics such as predictive modeling, neural networks, and reinforcement learning.

          To help you practice and reinforce what you’ve learned, the course features a quiz section with typical interview programming assignments. These exercises simulate real-world scenarios, providing you with valuable practice that closely mirrors the challenges you’ll face in your interviews.

          Understanding asset pricing is fundamental to any role in the financial industry. The Asset Pricing Course from Trading Interview offers a detailed examination of this critical subject matter. Designed with a primary focus on individuals seeking to enter the asset pricing industry, this course encompasses both the theoretical and practical aspects of pricing various types of financial assets.

          The course content starts from the basics of asset pricing models and theories and gradually advances to complex topics such as option pricing and the application of stochastic calculus in finance. These topics are meticulously detailed and explained, enabling you to comprehend and apply complex asset pricing methodologies in real-world scenarios.

          Linear algebra forms the backbone of many complex mathematical models used in trading. Our Linear Algebra Course is designed to help you recap the most important topics in linear algebra and prepare for the quantitative aspects of trading interviews.

          The course includes a range of topics such as vectors, matrices, determinants, linear transformations, and eigenvalues, among others. Each of these topics is explained with a clear focus on their application in trading scenarios, providing you a practical understanding of the subject.

          We understand that each trading firm has its unique interview process and testing rounds. That’s why we offer specialized preparation packages tailored to the specific requirements of each company. Processes change over time, but we’re giving our best to stay on top of the latest developments.
          To ensure you’re fully prepared, we’ve included practice tests in each package that mimic the actual tests you’ll encounter during the interview process. These tests have been carefully designed in consultation with industry experts to give you a realistic experience. Please note: our company-specific courses include unique interactive tools tailored for individual trading firms. These specialized tools may not be available in our other courses.
          We offer preparation material for top trading firms like:
          • Akuna Capital
          • All Options
          • Da Vinci
          • Flow Traders
          • IMC
          • Optiver

          Personalised Support

          A successful trading career involves more than just academic knowledge and practical skills. It also requires an impactful resume, effective interview techniques, and the ability to navigate the professional landscape. At Trading Interview, we understand these challenges, and that’s why we offer a range of Active Services designed to support you in all aspects of your career progression.

          Your resume is often the first impression you make on potential employers. Our Resume Service is here to ensure it’s a strong one. Our team of experienced professionals will review and provide constructive feedback on your resume, focusing on the content, layout, and overall presentation. We help you highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in a manner that resonates with hiring firms in the trading industry.

          Whether you’re drafting your first resume or refining an existing one, our Resume Service can provide the guidance and support you need to make your resume stand out among the competition.

          Interviews can be intimidating, especially when you’re facing them for the first time or venturing into a new industry. Our Mock Interview Service is designed to help you overcome this hurdle with confidence.

          By participating in a simulated interview, you’ll get hands-on experience answering common interview questions and handling various interview situations. Each mock interview is conducted by professionals who understand the trading industry and its interview processes. Their feedback will provide valuable insights into your performance, highlighting your strengths and areas where you could improve.

          But the benefits of our Mock Interview Service go beyond just practice. The experience will familiarize you with the interview process, helping to ease nerves and boost your confidence. By the time you go for the actual interview, it will feel like familiar territory, enabling you to perform at your best.

          Services for Companies

          Companies need a reliable, efficient, and effective platform to connect with promising candidates. Trading Interview offers exactly this. In essence, Trading Interview serves as a centralised hub where companies and candidates come together. By offering job advertising and company profiles, we’re simplifying the recruitment process for firms and helping them connect with qualified, interested candidates. Trading Interview is more than just a learning platform; it’s a central solution for both aspiring traders and hiring firms in the trading industry.

          Companies can maintain profiles on our platform, presenting a fantastic opportunity to showcase their firm’s culture, values, and opportunities. This visibility helps firms attract candidates who align with their mission and vision. Companies can share news updates, job postings, and other relevant information directly through their profile, keeping potential applicants informed and engaged.

          With our platform, companies can advertise job openings directly to an audience that is specifically interested in trading. This targeted reach increases the likelihood of attracting suitable candidates, thereby making the recruitment process more efficient. 

          By advertising on Trading Interview, companies can tap into a pool of candidates who have used our courses and services to prepare for their trading career. This ensures that applicants have a baseline of industry knowledge and have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing a career in trading.

          Is your company integrating online assessments into the interview process? Contact us to discover how we stand out in the market. We’re not just another assessment tool – we offer innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a more effective and efficient hiring process. Reach out to learn more and see the difference we can make!

          Free Accessible Blog Posts

          Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to preparing for trading interviews. Our platform hosts a collection of blog posts covering a wide range of topics that are crucial for aspiring traders. For instance, have you ever wondered what a trading interview looks like? Our blog post titled “Key Stages of a Trading Interview: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success” offers an in-depth walkthrough of a typical trading interview, providing insights into the structure, the type of questions asked, and tips on how to handle different scenarios.

          Likewise, if you’re curious about the kind of HR questions you might encounter, our post on “20 Important Trading Interview Questions and Answers” can be an invaluable resource. It not only outlines common HR questions but also provides advice on how to approach them effectively.

          These blog posts, among many others, are freely accessible on our platform. They are written by industry veterans and tailored for those who are new to the trading industry. They offer practical tips, dispel common myths, and provide an inside look into the trading world, serving as an additional resource for your preparation.

          By coupling our extensive courses and services with these insightful blog posts, we ensure you’re fully equipped to face your trading interviews with confidence. At Trading Interview, we’re committed to providing comprehensive support to every aspiring trader.

          Coming Soon: The SIE Course

          We continue to develop new resources to support your interview preparation journey. One such resource, currently in the works, is the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) course, crucial for traders in the US to pass at the FINRA. We expect this course to be live by the end of fall ’24.


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