Trading interview

We are live!

Spread the word, we are live! Are you preparing for upcoming job interviews? Whether you want to become a trader or a quant: is the place to prepare yourself. We have a welcome coupon that gives you a 50%-discount on any package! Use the code:

WELCOME50 provides you with all the necessities to fully prepare yourself for your interview. Train your โ€˜mental arithmeticโ€™- and โ€˜sequencesโ€™ skills and keep track of your progress. The level of the brain teasers are similar to the questions during interviews, which makes you even more prepared. Furthermore, the probability- and derivatives courses provide lessons that cover the topics that you need to master. Both courses provide questions that are on an interview level.

Last but not least, the website has a market making simulator! During (trading) interviews, you are often faced with market scenarios. This is an aspect of the interview that you can master by exercising. Normally, you need a partner to exercise, which takes a lot of effort and time. Not anymore! has 50+ scenarios and leads you through technical questions that you could face during interviews.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us at and we will get back at you as soon as possible!