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We would like to introduce ourselves, so you can get to know the people behind this platform. Why did we create this platform? What is our background? Has trading always been a passion of ours? Have we been through trading interviews? Read about our personal stories below.

Tolga celebi

Tolga Celebi

Douwe ten brink

Douwe ten Brink

In 2013, while pursuing our bachelor’s degrees in aerospace engineering at Delft University of Technology, we, Tolga and Douwe, first met. Bound by mutual interests, we collaborated on various projects and events, setting the stage for many joint ventures ahead.

As we progressed in our careers, our paths diverged. Tolga gravitated towards finance and trading after my time in Delft. Tolga pursued a master’s in econometrics and worked alongside at the Rabobank. In the meantime, the passion for trading was growing. However, while preparing for job interviews, finding proper preparation materials was challenging. The scattered resources and the lack of a centralized platform sparked an idea – a platform tailored for technical students, bridging the gap between them and trading firms.

Douwe, on the other hand, gravitated more towards a career in engineering. After our time at university, Douwe ventured into data science at Adyen, one of the leading payment service providers. The experience was invaluable, but the itch to build something from the ground up persisted. So, when we discussed the idea of the platform, it resonated perfectly with what he sought – a fresh venture built from scratch.

Combining our respective passions, we built our platform, aiming to become the primary hub for both aspiring traders and companies. Together, we’re on a mission.

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