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Citadel Securities Internship – How to Land an Offer

The Citadel Securities Internship is one of the hardest programs to get into. The internship programs at both Citadel and Citadel Securities had a combined number of 85,000 intern applicants. Less than 0.5% of the applicants have been accepted to the program. This June 2024, more than 300 interns will start their 11-week program at either the well known hedge fund (Citadel) or market maker firm (Citadel Securities).

Landing an offer at top firms like Citadel and Citadel Securities has become increasingly competitive. This year, the number of applicants was up 30% compared to last year, which was already a record breaking year. Both hedge funds and market making firms have been increasing their resources over the last years for their internship programs to compete for the best candidates. Each firm tries to raise their popularity by bathing their interns in luxury. Interns get to stay in five-star resorts during their 11-week internship program. If you’re part of the Citadel Securities Internship program for the quantitative trading role, you bring home $3,300-$5,000 per week, as indicated in their job post description.

How to Land an Citadel Securities Internship Offer

The application process for a Citadel Securities Internship is very challenging. You need to perform at your best to stand a chance against the thousand of other applicants.

After submitting your resume via theΒ Citadel Securities website, you’ll receive a notification regarding your eligibility to proceed to the first round of their interview process. This initial stage involves an online assessment, primarily focusing on probability questions. If successful, you’ll move on to two phone interviews: the first combines behavioral and technical questions, while the second is predominantly technical. Upon passing these stages, you’ll be invited to the Citadel Securities superday.

It’s important to take your time and thoroughly prepare before starting the application process. You should be well-equipped in mathematical and probabilistic concepts, proficient in playing market making games, and have a solid understanding of derivatives theory.

You can find valuable information in our Citadel Securities company course, designed to help you prepare for the Citadel Securities application process. Preparation is key, so ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your upcoming interviews. If this is the industry you want to work in, you cannot neglect your interview preparations. Ultimately, securing a position at Citadel Securities will be rewarding in many aspects, so make sure you enter the interviews with confidence and start preparing today.

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Citadel Securities Internship