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Geneva Trading has established itself as a leading proprietary trading firm with a 20-year history of consistent success in the listed derivatives markets. The company has consistently grown its capital, developed advanced technology, and maintained a strong appetite for diversified trading strategies.

As a highly agile organization, Geneva Trading emphasizes its core strengths: alpha generation, technology innovation, risk management, and market enhancement. The firm boasts extensive experience and exceptional expertise in the global derivatives market.

A key element of Geneva Trading’s success is its commitment to technology innovation. The company has developed a world-class proprietary trading platform that features cutting-edge execution, visualization, and analytical tools. This technology is employed to discover and optimize every aspect of the firm’s participation in global markets.

Risk-taking lies at the heart of Geneva Trading’s business model. The firm strives to support and empower all individuals involved in alpha creation. To achieve this, Geneva Trading provides developers, analysts, and traders with the necessary resources and mentorship to realize their potential and achieve their goals.

In the modern trading landscape, opportunities are often concealed within vast amounts of data. Success hinges on the ability to analyze and manage all aspects of the business – from idea generation and backtesting to performance monitoring and visualization. To stay competitive, Geneva Trading has made data science a core component of its platform.

From its inception, risk management has been a fundamental focus and competency for Geneva Trading. The firm employs a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in risk monitoring and trader education on best practices in risk management. This strong emphasis on risk management has been instrumental in the company’s consistent success over the past two decades.

In summary, Geneva Trading is a distinguished proprietary trading firm that excels in the listed derivatives markets. The company’s dedication to technology innovation, risk management, and data-driven strategies has allowed it to maintain a competitive edge and achieve sustained success over the years.

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Chicago, Dublin