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Established in 1980 under the name Aardvark Financial, TransMarket Group (“TMG”) operates as a privately held global markets proprietary trading firm. Their success is based on the utilization of unique talents they possess. TMG harnesses the power of next-generation technology to take advantage of opportunities around the world and manage risk in financial markets. Boasting an entrepreneurial culture, they patiently and methodically develop their business, with a commitment to consistent learning and relentless improvement of expertise.


TMG is home to many uniquely talented individuals, who work closely together to showcase their individual skills. The firm places its trust in the diverse abilities of its team to deliver the finest team result. Their teams are dedicated to developing and refining trading strategies, managing risk, improving processes, and discovering new business opportunities.


At TMG, every team member is presented with an incredible chance to significantly impact their work and markedly improve the business using their creative talents. Though TMG is a well-established and profitable firm, it still carries the potential of a startup, with a group potential at least an order of magnitude greater than its current performance. The opportunity that lies ahead for the team is substantial. Trading organizations worldwide yield hundreds of billions of dollars in profits annually for the service of facilitating risk transfer and restoring order to price-setting decisions that inform all economic activity. Markets will always require liquidity providers; TMG’s mission is to be the very best.



550 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL, 60661
United States of America

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