Mock Interview

Ace Your Interview with Our Trading Industry Mock Interview Service

During a mock interview, you will experience how an interview could be in real life. Mock interviews are popular among candidates that want to go the extra mile to be optimally prepared for their interviews. Our team of mock interviewers consists of people with top tier experience in the industry.

Will the interview be in person or online?

Trading interview candidates come from all over the world. The mock interviews will take place online, through Zoom or Teams (different suggestions can be discussed with the interviewer that you’ll get assigned to). Especially since COVID, most interviews take place online. Therefore, it’s an extra advantage to gain experience with online interviews.

What topics will be discussed?

This totally depends on how long the session is. You have the freedom to choose between three packages, with a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours.

1 hourโ‚ฌ149.95Your motivation is very important. A lot of very smart people don’t make it because of a weak motivation. We’ll discuss how you present yourself and pinpoint what part of your story should be improved.
2 hoursโ‚ฌ279.95Next to your motivation, we’ll see how you deal with brainteasers and probability questions. You’ll receive feedback on your communication style.
4 hoursโ‚ฌ499,95In this longer session, we add market making games and/ or theoretical questions on top of it, depending on the role you want to apply for. There are also different types of market making games, which we’ll discuss.

How flexible is the interviewer to schedule a mock interview?

Our interviewers are not full-time available, but we’ll aim to find a common day within 14 days at which both you and the interviewer are available. Please let us know if you have an emergency situation.


1 hour


2 hours


4 hours