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Jane Street Capital is a global quantitative trading firm that operates in more than 200 trading venues across 45 countries. As a liquidity provider and market maker, Jane Street plays a critical role in the functioning of the global financial markets. Their approach is grounded in technology and rigorous quantitative analysis, but their success is driven by their people.

The company offers a variety of opportunities for individuals seeking a trading career, including the highly sought-after internships and trader positions. The Jane Street intern and quant trader salary are known to be competitive, reflecting the company’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent.

The team at Jane Street is composed of exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring unique perspectives to the table. The bright, beautiful offices of Jane Street in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam are designed to encourage open communication, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. The company’s culture is inclusive, and they encourage travel between offices to help build stronger connections between team members.

At Jane Street, staying competitive requires constant innovation, and the company has a track record of investing heavily in the latest trading strategies, technology, and processes. However, what sets Jane Street apart from other trading firms is their focus on hiring humble, kind people who prioritize teamwork over titles. This approach has created a supportive and cooperative work environment, where employees are encouraged to help each other and share knowledge freely.

The company places a strong emphasis on teaching and training, ensuring that candidates for Jane Street internship and Jane Street trading positions are well-prepared for the interview process. Jane Street believes that deepening your understanding of something is real work and provides employees with access to a library and a classroom in every office. Guest lectures, classes, and conferences are also a regular feature of life at Jane Street, fostering an intellectual exchange that takes place every day.

Jane Street is known for its challenging interview questions and engaging puzzles, which are designed to test candidates’ problem-solving skills and creativity. Prospective employees can prepare for these challenges by exploring resources such as the brain teasers course and practicing various Jane Street puzzles that they offer on their own website.

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London, New York and Hong Kong