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About Jane Street

We were founded by a small group of traders and technologists in a tiny New York office. Today, we have more than 2,000 employees across five global offices. We trade a broad range of asset classes on more than 200 venues in 45 countries. We innovate in tech, from functional programming to programmable hardware. And while our proprietary trading business thrives, we put our expertise and experience to work for our clients. Markets are defined by uncertainty. This is why quantitative thinking is crucial for our business. At Jane Street, we emphasize understanding the edge cases and tail risks that others overlook, and that matter most when markets deviate from expectations. We hire researchers and traders whose ideas and algorithms are informed by a deep mathematical fluency, and technologists who understand their systems from the hardware on up. We understand individual products and the context that informs their prices down to their subtlest details. This allows us to provide liquidity during the market’s most volatile moments.

Working Together

We work hard to untangle knotty problems together. Traders, researchers, and software engineers work in a tight loop to build our trading systems and implement strategies. Experts in distributed systems, security, networking, IT, and compilers build tools in support. Operational teams from legal and compliance to finance, tax, and HR help a complex global operation run smoothly. The institutional team works with clients to execute their transactions and provide liquidity. And leading talent in physical engineering, hospitality, and food services keep colleagues happy in our world-class offices. Jane street trading floor

Our Values

Ethics and Honesty

We take pride that our trading doesn’t impose hidden costs or risks on counterparties or the market. No one at Jane Street will be asked to defend a position or state an opinion that they don’t believe in. It’s crucial to us that interactions both within and outside of our walls are conducted honestly and openly.

Responsible Risk Management

At Jane Street we specialize in managing risk. We carefully study how trading risks might be bigger or more interrelated than they appear, and this allows us to be especially bold. Our risk thinking has an ethical as well as a practical dimension. We do not believe in taking excessive risk knowing that others will bear the downside. When systems fail, even when the consequences are minor, we have a strong culture of postmortems: we believe that process improvement works better than apportioning blame.

Intellectual Humility

Less hierarchy, more collaboration

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WTC Tower Ten - L19
Strawinskylaan 1657
1077 XX Amsterdam

Hong Kong

10th Floor, Chater House
8 Connaught Rd.
Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong


2 & A Half Devonshire Square
Premier Place
London, EC2M 4UJ
United Kingdom

New York

250 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281
United States of America


4/F, Ocean Financial Centre
10 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049315

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Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore
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