Mental Math Practice – Train Your Skills

We are excited to present our unique and customisable mental math practice test. This test is designed to evaluate and improve your mental math skills, a key proficiency required in the world of trading. Here, you’re not just a test-taker, you’re also the test-maker! You can configure the arithmetic test according to your specific training needs, helping you to focus and improve on areas you find challenging.

Are you struggling with addition or subtraction? Perhaps multiplication or division seems challenging? Our test lets you choose the operators you want to practice with, be it ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘*’, or ‘/’.

Plus- and Minus Operators

Set your preferred range for the ‘+’, and ‘-‘ operators. You can define the lowest and highest number for these operators according to your comfort level. Do you want to add an extra layer of complexity with decimal numbers? You can also adjust the percentage of questions that include decimals. Moreover, you can set the maximum amount of decimals to your preference.

Multiply- and Divide Operators

The test allows you to set the lowest and highest multiplier or denominator for ‘*’ and ‘/’ operators. Like with plus- and minus operators, you can also determine what percentage of the questions will include decimals, and adjust the maximum amount of decimals as per your needs.

Get Insights To Your Personal Statistics

To provide you with a comprehensive view of your progress and performance, offers detailed statistics as part of our package offerings. These insights enable you to pinpoint your strengths and identify areas that require more practice.

Once you sign up for one of our packages, you gain access to these invaluable stats:

  • Question Timing
    Understanding your speed is crucial in a fast-paced trading environment. Our platform records the time it takes for you to answer each question, providing an insight into your calculation speed and efficiency.
  • Average Completion Time
    We offer a holistic view of your performance by displaying the average time you take to answer questions for each operator. Whether it’s ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘*’, ‘/’, or fractions, you can track your speed and aim for improvement.
  • Question Type Analysis
    Are decimals more time-consuming than integers? Do fractions take longer? Our statistical breakdown extends to various types of questions, offering you a comprehensive understanding of your performance across different numeric formats.

Our statistics function is more than just a progress tracker โ€“ it’s a tool that brings self-awareness to your learning process. By identifying trends in your performance and highlighting areas of improvement, you can more efficiently work on improving your skills.

Customised mental math tool

Join us at, sign up for one of our packages, and enjoy a data-driven journey to get yourself ready for success in your trading interviews.