Trading interview

New courses, company profiles and more

It has been two months since we are live! We already welcomed students from ten different countries to prepare their upcoming interviews on our platform. The positive feedback until now has motivated us even more – we are not done yet! New courses are coming and the company profiles have been in development for a while now. Hereby, we would like to give a short update on these matters.

New courses

As announced before, we are preparing three new courses for our platform. The linear algebra course will go live soon and all students who have an active full package (at the time that the linear algebra cours goes live) will automatically be able to enter the new course as well. The asset management- and energy trading course are still on our roadmap and we will keep you up to date regarding the developments.

Company profiles

Our team is working hard on the development of the second stage of the platform. Companies will be able to maintain their own profile, so students can get an idea about their operations and culture. Recruiters will also be able to post vacancies and recruitment events, such as in-house days and master classes. Other functions, such as sponsored content in the blog-section, will be communicated soon. While we are still in development to expand our platform for companies, we are open to suggestions from companies to make our platform more user friendly. Suggestions could include pointing out how other recruitment activities or platforms did not lead to desired results. If you want to share a suggestion and/ or keep up to date about the developments, contact us at

Candidate input

Are you a student that’s preparing his/ her interview? Share your problem with us and let’s see if we can help you out. Do you have suggestions for new courses? Is there anything else that keeps you from feeling prepared? Let us know! Contact us at