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The new version of our platform is LIVE!

After a very successful first six months, we are happy to announce that we expanded the platform with company profiles, job posting functionality and two new courses! We have students active on our platform from twelve different countries, who find it increasingly easier to find us. Our next goal is to get companies on board, so that students will be able to both prepare and orientate on our platform.

The following courses have been added:

  • Linear Algebra – The Linear Algebra course helps you to briefly recap the linear algebra topics from university. This branche of mathematics proves to be a very powerful tool for structuring and processing a large amount of data. Therefore, it is also important that a quant has a good understanding of linear algebra. The course is a theoretical recap and has no focus on interview questions. The reason behind this is because the questions during interviews are usually rather theoretical, which is different compared to – for example – the questions regarding probability theory.
  • Asset Pricing – The Asset Pricing course is very theoretical. It summarises the important articles and topics from asset price courses on universities at a graduate level. During interviews at asset management firms, the firms usually test your theoretical knowledge about the industry – more often compared to the interviews at high frequency trading firms. Our course could spare you a lot of time to loop up all the topics and study them from scratch. Just as the linear algebra course, this course doesn’t focus on interview questions, for the same reason that the questions are rather theoretical. Therefore, it’s important to have a good understanding of the lessons.

Companies will be able to maintain their profile and post vacancies. Furthermore, it’s companies will be able to submit content for the blog. It’s free to activate an employer account and update the company profile. We will use the coming weeks to onboard new companies.

If you have any questions or if you want to show your interest in our platform, please reach out to us via!