Books for quantitative finance interviews

“Heard on the Street” and “A Practical Guide To Quantitative Finance Interviews”

Preparing for trading and quantitative finance interviews is an intensive process. Two books have been really helpful for people in this field: ‘Heard on the Street’ by Timothy Falcon Crack and ‘A Practical Guide to Quantitative Finance Interviews’ by Xinfeng Zhou. For years, these books have been the go-to sources for preparing for quantitative finance interviews, filled with brain teasers and probability questions.

Over time, the world of quantitative finance has changed rapidly, and it’s important to keep up. That’s where we come in. We offer a fresh learning environment and interactive tools, such as those to help you prepare for market making games. Our wide selection of exercise material is up-to-date and matches the current interview difficulty levels, ensuring that you won’t waste months gathering outdated materials from books and across the internet.

Books for Quantitative Finance Interviews

  • “Heard on the Street” by Timothy Falcon Crack
    This book provides an in-depth look into the quantitative questions commonly asked in quantitative finance job interviews, including trading interviews. If you are interested to buy this book, have a look here:
  • “A Practical Guide To Quantitative Finance Interviews”
    This book provides a collection of quantitative questions, programming- and derivatives theory, all related to topics that occur in quantitative finance job interviews, including trading interviews. If you are interested to buy this book, have a look here:

Why is the New Standard in Quantitative Finance Interviews

Our platform offers a comprehensive and dynamic alternative to these traditional books. While the charm of a physical book is undeniable for some, Trading Interview provides all the valuable insights of these texts and much more. We bring you the convenience of digital access, enhanced with a wealth of additional resources and interactive tools to improve your preparation process.

  • Current Market Relevance
    While these books offer solid foundational knowledge, Trading Interview provides up-to-date preparation material, in line with the current market scenarios and evolving interview trends. This is something that static publications struggle to deliver.
  • Interactive Learning Experience
    Unlike books, our website offers interactive learning modules, making the preparation process more engaging and practical.
  • Personalized Guidance
    We offer personalized guidance and feedback, helping candidates tailor their preparation strategy to their specific needs.
  • Community and Networking: Join our community of (aspiring) traders, where you can ask questions or share relevant insights.
  • Expert Contributions: Our platform features contributions and insights from industry experts who have firsthand experience with the hiring processes at top financial firms.

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