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Check Out Our Improved ‘Make Me a Market’ Market Making Game!

For any aspiring trader, the trading interview is a challenging process. Among the most well-known challenges in such interviews is the classic “Make Me a Market” game. We’re excited to announce a series of improvements to our unique ‘Make Me a Market’ market making game, which will help you to be better prepared for your upcoming interviews.

The “make me a market” question tests a candidate’s ability to think on their feet, apply quantitative skills, and showcase their risk management aptitude. It’s a vital part of trading interviews because it replicates the fast-paced decision-making process of real-world trading. It also tests how the candidate performs under pressure.


Making a market isn’t just about coming up with a number. You need a structured approach to make a good market as possible. In the end, you don’t want to be too far off from the value that the market is trading at. We now provide hints to help you structure your approach. See the screenshot below for an example.

Make me a market game

Detailed Feedback

Our game now provides granular feedback, helping you identify areas of strength and those that need more work. If you sell three times in a row, you’re not adjusting your market aggressively enough, which will be highlighted by the simulator. Did you still not manage to stop selling after this warning? Then the feedback will become a little harder on you! Play the game to discover the other feedbacks that are implemented in the game.

Sometimes, the simulator will also try to push you into tricky situations. How do you react? After you made your choices, the simulator will provide the candidate with feedback.

Incoming News

Just like in real markets, sometimes a news article can kick in. How do you adjust your market after the new piece of information? In the screenshot below, artificial Bloomberg News kicks in, after which the simulator asks if it could buy 20 more lots. The user selected ‘No, I won’t’, after which you see the feedback for this particular scenario.

Market making simulator

Guesstimates vs Facts

In the ‘Make Me a Market’ game, you can chose to make a market on a fact or a guesstimate. A fact is in general a fixed answer, often something that’s measurable. The markets on guesstimates usually don’t have a fixed answer, since this might change over time in reality. We offer 50 markets on facts and 25 markets on guesstimates, which should keep you busy for a while! We’ll make sure to add new markets in the near future.

Ready to Play Our Make Me a Market game?

Check out our extensive market making course. Make yourself stand out by being well prepared at your interview. Our ‘Make Me a Market’ game is unique on our platform and provides you everything you need to ace this game. Check out our card game as well, which is another form of the ‘Make Me a Market’ game, based on a continuously changing expected value.