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Introduction to Market Making

Market making plays a pivotal role in the interview process for many trading companies. Interviewers often use market making games to evaluate an applicant’s intuition, stress-resistance, mental agility, short-term memory, and their ability to draw meaningful conclusions from information. To help you excel in this critical aspect of trading interviews, our comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about market making.

Our course begins by delving into the fundamental principles of market making, providing a thorough understanding of the background information required to excel in this field. You’ll gain insights into limit order books, learning how they function and how traders use them to execute trades efficiently.

Our unique Market Making Games!

Once you’re familiar with the key concepts of market making, the course moves on to explain how the market making games typically unfold during an interview. You’ll learn about the various scenarios and challenges you may encounter, and how to tackle them effectively.

To ensure you’re well-prepared for your trading interview, Trading Interview offers unique, interactive tools that simulate different types of market making games. By completing our market making course, you’ll not only develop a solid foundation in market making principles, but also gain the practical skills and knowledge required to stand out during your interview processes. Start exercising to increase your chances of landing your dream job at a top trading company.

Our newest and most epic game yet! Have a look at the group market making game in this post.


Ready to exercise with making markets on facts and guesstimates? You’ll be challenged with making markets during interview processes at many trading firms. Use our Market Making Game to exercise for your upcoming interview! Read more about our game here.

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