Digital Assets – Crypto

Any candidate that is interested in trading must have heard about cryptocurrencies. They are all over the place, but what are they exactly? How do all the different mechanics work? How different is the crypto market from the traditional markets?

Every year, new discussions start whether cryptocurrencies are here to stay or not. In the meantime, cryptocurrencies started to attract institutional investors as well. The markets are growing and the use cases are expanding.

The last couple of years, trading firms also started to engage in the market of digital markets. This is why they started to hire digital assets traders. Are you interested in a role as digital asset trader? Be prepared and stay up to date with the state of the art technologies. The information in this course is all focussed on the theory behind the different technologies, that are also publicly available all over the internet. The advantage of following this course: you don’t have to spend time to find all the relevant information. We put all the relevant information for you together.