Asset Pricing

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If you are interested in a career in asset management, you need to understand the mechanics of asset pricing. Asset pricing is one of the main pillars of financial economics. Investors generally hold long term positions (which is different compared to high frequency trading), in which they long to maximise the (expected) returns on their investment, taking the risk of these investments into account. Investors and asset managers analyse which stocks yield the highest return and analyse the types of risks that their portfolio is exposed to. These kind of analysis are not only important to investors and asset managers, but also to policy makers who need to ensure that the economic growth is optimised.

The Asset Pricing course is very theoretical. It summarises the important articles and topics from asset price courses on universities at a graduate level. During interviews at asset management firms, the firms usually test your theoretical knowledge about the industry – more often compared to the interviews at high frequency trading firms. Our course could spare you a lot of time to loop up all the topics and study them from scratch.