Mental Arithmetic

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In the fast-paced world of trading, quick thinking and decision-making are essential skills for success. While technology has transformed the industry into a more algorithmic environment, human traders are still an integral part of the trading process. As a result, mental arithmetic and mental math remain crucial for traders to master. In today’s highly competitive trading industry, firms are constantly seeking out individuals who possess a combination of these skills. By mastering mental arithmetic and developing a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, traders can set themselves apart from the competition and increase their chances of success.

During the hiring process, the ability to perform mental arithmetic is often put to the test. In fact, many trading firms include a mental arithmetic test or a math speed test as part of their initial round of interviews. This is because traders need to be able to make quick calculations and decisions under pressure, often with limited time to analyze market data.

Fortunately, mental arithmetic is a skill that can be developed and honed through practice. By regularly exercising and training the brain to perform calculations quickly and accurately, aspiring traders can improve their performance on these math tests.

Company Tests

Our company specific tests are your tool to excel in company-specific mental arithmetic tests. Experience training with identical types of questions and the same scoring system used by the companies of your choice. Monitor your progress and leverage detailed insights to target areas of improvement. Start today, refine your skills, and get ready to ace your interview! We are currently working hard on adding more company tests, so stay tuned! Currently, we offer company-specific mental arithmetic tests for:

Customizable Mental Math Practice

This is a unique feature of designed to bolster your mental calculation skills, vital for succeeding in trading interviews. This tool is tailor-made to give you control over your learning process. You have the liberty to define the parameters of your test, focusing on the areas you wish to improve.

You can select the arithmetic operators, determine the range of numbers, decide the percentage of decimal included questions, and even set the test’s duration. Whether you want to tackle addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions, you can customize it all here. Once the test is done, if you’ve signed up for one of our packages, you’ll have access to detailed statistics. This data will provide valuable insights into your performance, tracking your progress, and identifying areas for improvement. Dive in, and take your trading skills to the next level!

Preset Arithmetic Levels

This course provides three preset levels. In the first lecture, we provide you with targets for these quizes that you should be able to meet in order to be well prepared for your upcoming interviews. If you’ve signed up for one of our packages, you’ll have access to statistics that show your progress over time.