Round 1 – Math Test


Welcome to our training tool, an authentic mirror of the Flow Traders Mental Arithmetic Test. Practice with the specific type of questions and the identical scoring system used in the real test. With our free version, you can experience the same test questions to get a feel for the tool. But if you sign up today, not only can you track your progress over time and identify areas for improvement, but you'll also gain access to an unlimited number of unique tests. Take the next step towards acing your upcoming test!

Press the button below to launch a 10-minute mental arithmetic test, composed of 75 questions. Our tool is specifically crafted to ready you for the mathematics component of the Flow Traders interview. Please note, however, our platform operates independently and is not affiliated with Flow Traders regarding this test.


Section Questions Correct Answer Incorrect Answer Blank
Computation of Real Numbers 30 +1 Point -3 Points -2 Points
Computation of Decimal Numbers 30 +2 Points -1 Point -1 Point
Multiplication of Decimal Numbers 15 +2 Points -2 Points -1 Point
Total 75 120 Points -150 Points -105 Points

To pass the test at Flow Traders, you need to score at least 84 points.

Example Test Statistics

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