Is it worth it?

If you just started preparing and this is the first website you came across, you might think: ‘Are these packages worth the price?’ We want to be transparant about the prices on the website, so we will elaborate on what the prices are based on.

Whether spending money on preparation material is worth it or not starts with knowing what you will face during interviews. Furthermore, it is a matter of motivation. Do you really want that job? Are you willing to enter your interview unprepared with the knowledge that trading companies usually allow you to apply only once in your lifetime? These kind of interviews will face you with problems that you have to solve on the spot. Therefore, it is first of all important to know how hard the problems approximately will be. This will give an indication whether you have to study extra or not.

Free on this Website

What is free on this website? Training your mental arithmetic skills is accessible to anyone. You won’t be able to keep track of your results, but you will be able to use the timed quizzes in order to train your skills. Furthermore, the general tips are also accessible to anyone, regarding the mental arithmetic course.

In a next stage of this website, anyone will be able to scroll through the vacancies and events. Companies will be able to keep track of their own profile and post job vacancies and recruitment events. This part of the website will be accessible to anyone.

Market making package

The market making package contains four additional features:

  • With the mental arithmetic course, we provide three different tools.
    • Customised Tool – This is a unique feature of designed to bolster your mental calculation skills, vital for succeeding in trading interviews. This tool is tailor-made to give you control over your learning process. You have the liberty to define the parameters of your test, focusing on the areas you wish to improve. You can select the arithmetic operators, determine the range of numbers, decide the percentage of decimal included questions, and even set the test’s duration. Whether you want to tackle addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions, you can customize it all here. Once the test is done, if you’ve signed up for one of our packages, you’ll have access to detailed statistics. This data will provide valuable insights into your performance, tracking your progress, and identifying areas for improvement. Dive in, and take your trading skills to the next level! There is no tool on other platforms to our knowledge, that provides you with such detailed insight to what you can improve.
    • Preset Levels – This course provides three preset levels. In the first lecture, we provide you with targets for these quizes that you should be able to meet in order to be well prepared for your upcoming interviews. If you’ve signed up for one of our packages, you’ll have access to statistics that show your progress over time. Your mental arithmetic scores will be stored in your account. The quiz statistic page provides you a graph regarding your last 20 attempts. These kind of features are usually a paid feature on mental arithmetic websites, ranging from 5-20 euros – price per period or for an unlimited access. Keeping track of your scores is important for anyone who is dedicated to train his or her mental arithmetic skills.
    • Company Tests – Coming soon.
  • Sequences can be found all over the internet, but usually from a poor level or with just a few variations. Candidates often comment that it’s hard to train their skill to recognise sequences. There are websites that charge you 10-20 euros for just a two weeks acces to 30 different sequences (always the same numbers). There might be better websites online – however, we did not find them yet. If you want to check out some examples, click here for easy, medium and hard.
  • Brain teasers are an important part of trading interviews and a lot of (other) data science related interviews. Brain teasers come with different difficulties and different applications. Trading Interview gathered brain teasers that are known to resemble trading interview questions. The Hint button will try to give you a hint that won’t give away the answer, but helps you on the right track. During interviews, the interviewer usually does the same. Your approach is often more important that your actual answer. The Answer button gives you a worked-out approach towards the solution of the problem. If you want to check out some examples, click here.

Trader package

The trader package has – in addition to the courses in the market making package – three additional courses.

  • The market making simulator is unique on our website. This is usually a very important part of your trading interview. Usually, you need friends or family to take the role of the market taker. This takes a lot of effort, because you have to keep asking people to train this game with you and you need to meet up. Not anymore! The market making simulator plays the role of the market taker and takes you through technical questions that you could face during your interview. With more than 50+ market scenarios, the market making simulator is next to useful also a lot of fun to train with. Do you know how many tons of coffee plants are exported per year from Brazil? Make me a market! Additionally, we also have a very useful card game, which is known to be a frequently faced game during trading interviews. These market making games provide you with the best possible preparation for your interviews.
  • The Probability and Statistics Theory course consists of mainly two parts, namely the lessons and the questions. The lessons start with a general introduction to probability and statistics, so that even the student who have no background in probability and statistics will be helped to get up to speed. The course evolves over the lessons and it will discuss the probability and statistics theory that a student needs to master. The level of the courses are on a bachelor’s- or master’s degree level, depending on your university. At the end of the lessons, you can select questions per category, which all resemble questions on a trading interview level. You can have a look at an example lesson here.
  • The Derivatives and Option Theory course also consists of lessons and questions. The lessons start with a general introduction to derivatives, in which different kind of derivatives will be elaborated on. What are derivatives? What kind of derivatives are there and which purpose to they suit? After this lesson, the course continues with an introduction to options. This will be the fundament for the remainder of the course, which will elaborate on option theory. The course difficulty resembles a bachelor- or master course, depending on the university. It not only covers all the essentials, it also elaborate on the applications of the theory, which you will most likely also face during your interviews. Trading companies themselves advice you to take a look at specific option theory books, which some of them are already 70 euros alone. Furthermore, some of them advise you to take a look at This website can be seen as the Wikipedia of finance. We agree that this is a great website to prepare yourself. However, it does not provide a structured learning path per relevant topic as we do, which we believe will save you a lot of time.
  • The Digital Assets – Crypto course helps you to understand the basic concepts of blockchain, digital assets, DeFi, dApps and Web3. The last couple of years, trading firms also started to engage in the market of digital markets. This is why they started to hire digital assets traders. Are you interested in a role as digital asset trader? Be prepared and stay up to date with the state of the art technologies. The information in this course is all focussed on the theory behind the different technologies, that are also publicly available all over the internet. The advantage of following this course: you don’t have to spend time to find all the relevant information. We put all the relevant information for you together.

Quant trader package

The quant trader package has – in addition to the courses in the trader package – three additional courses.

  • The Linear Algebra course helps you to briefly recap the linear algebra topics from university. This branche of mathematics proves to be a very powerful tool for structuring and processing a large amount of data. Therefore, it is also important that a quant has a good understanding of linear algebra. Whether this course is worth it or not depends on your valuation of your time. You could look up the topics yourself or you could use our recap course to help you prepare.
  • The Asset Pricing course is very theoretical. It summarises the important articles and topics that are elaborated on at asset price courses on universities at a graduate level. During interviews at asset management firms, the firms usually test your theoretical knowledge about the industry – more often compared to the interviews within the propriety trading firms. Our course could spare you a lot of time to loop up all the topics and study them from scratch. So again, Whether this course is worth it or not depends on your valuation of your time.
  • The Programming course will help you with real interview examples. You can find the exercises and try to find the solutions in your own coding environment (so, no coding on the website). The do’s and don’ts page will also provide you with tips & tricks to have a clean code submission during your interviews.

So, are the packages fair?

Comparing the available sources and their prices on the internet, we really believe that Trading Interview is not only the cheapest in the market, but also by far the most sophisticated platform, where you can find an all in one package. If you really want to pass an interview, these prices shouldn’t form a bareer, especially if you imagine what a job in trading will bring you for the rest of your life. We believe that our full package will save you a lot of time and money to be prepared for your interviews. This is our honest opinion, not an advice. If you have any question, please contact us at and we will get back at you as soon as possible!