Maven securities

Maven Securities Online Assessment

Maven Securities is a market-leading proprietary trading firm, allocating internal capital between discretionary, systematic and market-making strategies. Maven has been established over a decade ago and has grown into a significant market participant by hiring exceptional people and giving them the tools and autonomy to realise their full potential.

Known for their global reach, they actively recruit both fresh graduates and experienced professionals from around the world. If you’re thinking of applying to their firm, it’s important to prepare for their challenging online assessment process.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the components of the Maven Securities online assessments, designed to evaluate your mental math skills and pattern recognition capacity.

The Maven Securities Online Assessment

Maven Securities’ online assessment includes both a mental math test and a sequences test. You must pass both to progress in their interview process. We provide specific tools tailored to prepare you for Maven’s math test and sequences test in our Company Preparations Course.

  • Maven Securities Mental Math Test
    The Maven Securities math test consists of 40 questions to be answered in 6 minutes. Click here if you want to try out the practice tool.
  • Maven Securities Sequences Test
    The Akuna Capital sequences test involves 15 questions over 14 minutes. These aren’t just numerical sequences; they may involve an alphabetic order as well.

As stated before, exercising is key, and you can start preparing with our Company Preparations Course.