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Welcome to our unique and interactive market making game simulator, designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of 'make me a market' scenarios. While this sample module includes only a single instance, the premium version offers an extensive library of over 75 market making scenarios, all to keep your training fresh and diverse. Of these 75 scenarios, 50 are about facts and 25 about guesstimates.

Our market making course further includes engaging games based on card-drawing mechanics, an integral concept that will help shape your trading interview preparations. To fully grasp the dynamics of the 'market making game', these exercises are paramount.

To help you navigate through this game, we have created an instructive lesson titled 'What is Market Making – Simulator Explanation and Interview Setup.' This comprehensive guide takes you through each step of playing the market making game during an interview, detailing all relevant definitions. It further delves into various market scenarios and provides an in-depth walkthrough on how our simulator works. To ensure your success, it also includes tips and strategies on answering post-game questions effectively.

In a nutshell, this sample market making simulator will give you the option to make a market on a fact or a guesstimate. Remember, during an interview, it is not expected that you know the exact values, which makes them ideal 'make me a market' scenarios. You'll be required to furnish a bid- and ask quote. Be mindful of your quotes as you'll face a series of technical questions related to your trades in subsequent rounds.

Eager for more information? Ready to test your skills with additional scenarios and rounds? Browse our packages and gain full access to the comprehensive market making course. Exercise is key to ace your trading interview!


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