Going the Next Mile – One on One Sessions

Our market making games are not just a tool to try to score as high as possible. During a real interview, you need to showcase feeling for market dynamics and your decision-making skills. A high score in these games might seem like a ticket to success, but there’s a crucial aspect many overlook: the quality of your choices matters as much as the outcome.

The Illusion of Success

Many candidates walk away from these games confident in their high scores, believing they’ve aced the test. However, what they often miss is that interviewers do not just focus on the results, but rather on the thought process behind each decision. This gap between scoring well and making strategically sound choices can be the difference between a job offer and a missed opportunity.

The Value of Detailed Feedback

Our mock interviews bridge this gap. Through detailed feedback, you gain insights into the interviewer’s perspective, understanding not just what decisions you made, but how and why they could be perceived. This feedback is invaluable, highlighting blind spots and areas for improvement that you might have never considered.

We often did mock interviews with confident candidates who aced their practice games. In their mock interview with us, the candidates discovered critical flaws in their choices during the different games. This revelation transformed their preparation and ultimately, most of them aced their interviews.

How Our Mock Interviews Work

In our mock interviews, depending on the duration of the mock interview, we’ll play the market making games on our platform and discuss every step of the game. Every decision from your side will be questioned. Our interviewers are equipped with extensive industry experience, which makes them able to provide feedback and helping you to improve, focusing on both your technical skills and decision-making process.

Don’t leave your success to chance. Schedule a mock interview with us today and turn your preparation into performance. Contact us to learn more and take the first step towards a truly prepared interview experience. Note: if you want to schedule a mock with us, make sure you don’t wait too long with reaching out, otherwise you’re risking that we’re fully booked right before your interview.


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