Example Market Making Game Simulator

Welcome to the example market making game simulator. This example is a shorter version of the paid version. The paid market making game simulator has 50+ market making scenarios and the amount of rounds in the game give a better indication of the amount of rounds during the trading interviews. Furthermore, the market making course also contains a market making games based on drawing cards. Both are important games to understand before you enter your trading interview.

The lesson What is Market Making – Simulator Explanation and Interview Setup gives you a step by step elaboration on how the market making game is played during an interview and all the relevant definitions. It also gives a detailed elaboration on the different market scenarios and how the simulator works. It also provides tips and tricks about how to answer the questions after the game.

The short explanation of this example market making simulator is as follows. The simulator will ask you about the length of the Chinese wall. During an interview, the interviewer expects that you do not know the exact number, so you will have to make a market on the length of the wall. You will have to provide a bid- and ask quote. Try to remember your quotes, because after some round, there will be some technical questions about your trades.

Are you looking for more informations and are you looking forward to exercise with more scenarios and more rounds? Take a look at the packages and unlock the market making course.